What does SSH stand for?

Here are some common meanings.

  1. Secure Shell
  2. Sea Surface Height (US Navy forecasting tool)
  3. Secure Socket Shell
  4. Social Sciences and Humanities
  5. South Shore Hospital (Weymouth, Massachusetts)
  6. Society for Simulation in Healthcare
  7. Simultaneous Sample and Hold (recording)
  8. Scottish Sports Horse (Scotland, UK)
  9. Small Stakes Hold ’em (poker book)
  10. Substantial Security Holder
  11. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt – Ophira (Airport Code)
  12. Scientist SlaughterHouse (Half-Life game mod)
  13. Strategic Software Holdings
  14. Super Sonic Hedgehog (video games)
  15. Spatial-Spectral Holography
  16. Single Coil-Single Coil-Humbucker (electric guitars, pickup configuration)
  17. S-Band Shuttle
  18. Sunshield Subsystem
  19. Sensitive Systems Handbook
  20. Scalar Spherical Harmonic
  21. Sistemas y Servicios HidrĂ¡ulicos (Guatemala)
  22. Service Subordinate Headquarter
  23. Season Seat Holder